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[ mood | good. ]

today, i finally got videos on my ipod.

hooray for me.


and if you still havent added it you should.


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New LJ





[1] let me be ruthless

[ mood | tired ]

fun day i guess.

nikki spent the night lastnight.
we listened to Dane Cook.
he is amazing and speaking of i got a new AIM SN
i might use it
i might not
but its "Cassie the BAMF" (bad ass mother fucker)
incase you havent heard dane cook.

but then nikki went over to heathers.
i came home.
and later went to see Underworld:Evolution with my bro.
it was alright i guess, nothing special
i did like the first one better though.

but now im not really doing anything at all.
hmm i have popcorn left.
ill probably go get fat from it in a couple minutes.


[1] let me be ruthless


sooo... Last night was pretty much the best night of my entire life.

I <3 Matt.
[8] let me be ruthless

[ mood | happy ]

So yesterday, i was eating a pizza roll.
and i burnt the top of my mouth.
it still hurts.
Matt said he would kiss the top of my mouth if he could.
but we dont know if its possible or not.
hehe we can try.

nothings goin on.
at all.
just being boredddddd.
people should call me or something

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